On Site Furniture Repair

Florida's Furniture Fixers specializes in, on site furniture repair. Wood restoration and touch up, recliner and sofa repair.

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Wood Touch Up

We are able to touch up wood damages to furniture and wood fixtures. Gouges, we are able to do a burn in permanent repair to fill the area, and tone and finish to complete. Most touch up can be done on site, depending on the damages.

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Recliner and Sofa Repairs / Most Models

We are able to repair recliner and sofa frames, if parts need to be replaced such as a recliner mechanism, it would depend on the brand of the chair or sofa, if parts would be obtainable. We are able to order parts from Lazboy. All wood frame repairs can be done on a sofa, recliner, loveseat, or ottoman, by repairing or replacing the wood.

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joan, jacksonville
Both Val & Gary are the ones to hire if you need you cushions replaced or any kind of repair work, they are honest and upfront and great to work with. They do what they say, and you can't find that now a days
Keith, Jacksonville, FL
I had considered just throwing it out but decided to see if I could get it repaired. It was a good decision. These people made a house call and it took him 1 hour to make the repairs and for way less than I expected. I cannot express how happy I am with the repair. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that needs anykind of furniture repair.
Stephanie, Jacksonville
Best experience with a service provider EVER! Both Valerie and her technician were friendly, professional, organized and went above and beyond. I will definitely call again if we have a need. I am so happy to have my couch back! Please give these guys your business. You won't regret it.
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